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about Justin Lim (Malaysia): I'm a visual artist / musician from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

career highlights:  In October 2009, I had a great opportunity to exhibit at the Asian Art Biennial held at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. It was a really memorable experience, because I had just completed a year long visual art residency at Rimbun Dahan in Kuala Lumpur and the curator of the Biennial had stumbled upon images online of my works made during that residency. It was kind of surreal how it all came together one after the other but the experience and privilege to participate itself was a major highlight in my career as a visual artist thus far. I am also looking forward to exhibiting some new work late 2010 in a one man exhibition and to being part of the Asian Artists Program at Vermont Studio Center.

which creative people, places and things on your radar right now?

things: A couple of years ago I was very inspired by the zeitgeist documentaries and I highly recommend anyone who has two hours to spare to watch them and reflect upon the current state of our existence. Who knows what you might make out of them?

people: Existential ponderations aside, these two highly creative individuals keep me up to date on all things sustainable and innovative. They are so awesome, they are ultra! In addition, Die Antwoord, a South African zef/rap/rave crew has been blasting on heavy rotation on my ghetto blaster. One of the most original acts to come out of contemporary music lately. But don't take my word for it boys and girls, check them out for yourself!

what's your favourite daydream? I'm living it right now. Please do not wake me up.

what was the last rule you broke? If I told you, then I'd get into serious trouble.

if you could ask a question of someone you respect, who and what would you ask?

I'm constantly amazed and inspired at the same time at everything Iggy Pop does. It made sense to me when he said "I don't know Johnny Rotten... but I'm sure, I'm sure he puts as much blood and sweat into what he does as Sigmund Freud did."

It had a profound impact on the way I see things because I'm really not very good at anything else aside from painting and dabbling away at music, but I am putting as much as I can into the art of progressing and developing what I do know. I guess I'd probably ask the likes of Iggy Pop, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Andy Warhol or Francis Bacon, "Was it all worth it?"

But then again, I think I already know the answer. And so with that, I'd then ask the scientists at The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who as we speak, are setting off the world's largest laser - it's the size of three football fields - to set off a nuclear reaction so intense that it will make a star bloom on the surface of the Earth, "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

[NOTE: Justin will be exhibiting in a solo shows at TAKSU (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur) in 2010.]

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