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risk and nonconformity. wanting to live forever.

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about Diana Francis (UK/Singapore): I'm a British artist living and working in Singapore for the past 13 years and in Asia for the past 19 years in total. Not always as a fine a fine artist, my previous life was as an Art Director with Ogilvy and Mather and was Regional Creative Manager for McCann-Erickson for a few years whilst living in Kuala Lumpur. Prior to this I also lived in Hong Kong for about 5 years. I love Asia!

career highlights: During my advertising career, I worked and lived across the Asia region so got to know so many different cultures - a huge highlight in life, let alone career, as a young person out of Great Britain. Today's painting career highlights include: being selected to represent the UK at The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on the Fine Arts Committee (I actually have an Olympic medal, which is great as I hated sports at school!); winning a gold on the Noenga Global Art Platform for Singapore last September; and having one of my paintings selected for the main image for the Singapore Sun Festival 2010.

which creative people, places and things on your radar right now?

people: My respect for the painter, Simon Birch, living and working in Hong Kong is uppermost. His personal and recent battle with cancer and his positive battle out of that in his quest for the 'what's next' for him has earned my full respect.

places: I think Singapore is an exciting place to watch right now. It's evolving here right now, more expression, more risk.. Singapore's coming out of it's shell.. Very exciting times.

things: Anything that encapsulates risk and nonconformity.

what's your favourite daydream? Wanting to live forever. So much change, beauty and stuff to learn here... We all take our short time here for granted, I think.

what was the last rule you broke? Good or bad? What do they say?  Rules are made to be broken. So, a lot of broken rules leads to possible evolvement. One bad rule I've broken? Wasting time being cross over something trivial... Like being stuck in a cab!

if you could ask a question of someone you respect, who and what would you ask?

I respect people that donate their entire lives to helping others for no personal or financial gain other than to find fulfillment in giving. So, I would ask humanitarians, monks, full time mothers... Their faces are many:

"Please teach me how to find this simple fulfillment, to have absolute contentment without social or economic pressure".

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