The MeshMinds Foundation and LASALLE College of the Arts presents: Art x Tech For Good

What happens when art meets cutting edge technology?

Don’t miss Singapore’s first student-led immersive art exhibition focused on the sustainable development of people and our planet. Participate in workshops, talks and performances offering creative mashups with VR painting, 360 films, 3D printing and Internet of Things.

Proud to be part of Singapore Art Week 2019 and supported by the National Arts Council.

Join us for the Opening Party on Friday, 18 January 2019 from 7pm.

Featured artists (LASALLE College of The Arts):

Alex Pan | Diploma in Broadcast Media

Cheng Yu Hung | BA (Hons) Music

Chok Si Xuan | BA (Hons) Fine Arts

Cravis Chang | BA (Hons) Music

Denise Yap | BA (Hons) Fine Arts

Desiree Tham | BA (Hons) Fine Arts

Ernest Foo | BA (Hons) Music

Guyrence Tan | BA (Hons) Fine Arts

Koh Ming-Min Emmeline |  BA (Hons) Music

Mohammad Fairuz Bin Ramlan | BA (Hons) Music

Odelia Yen | BA (Hons)  Fine Arts

R. Yashini | BA (Hons) Fine Arts


ART X TECH For Good programmes

Opening launch party, 18 Jan

7 – 720pm: Introductory speech by Kay Vasey, Founder, The MeshMinds Foundation and Steve Golden, Director. Div of Industry and Community Engagement, LASALLE

730 – 8pm: Performance by LASALLE Dancers: Chua Pei Yun, Stacie Leong and Pang Hao Yi

8 – 9pm: Performance by Electronic Music students

9 – 11pm: DJ Set by Kiat from SYNDICATE

Talks happening from 19-27 Jan

How Our Plastic Waste Has Affected Our Environment

Speakers: Anuja and Lara from SecondsGuru

19 Jan, Saturday, 3-3.30pm

What are the effects of our consumption habits and the growing amount of plastic waste we create? Join Anuja Aggarwal and Lara Rath from SecondsGuru as they share their research and experience from hosting numerous beach cleanups.

Presenter Bio:

Secondsguru is a Singapore based young social enterprise and a member of raiSE, Singapore. It has been co- founded by Anuja Aggarwal and Lara Rath and is on a mission is to promote eco-awareness via educational talks & workshops, community outreach and online articles on  With the motto “Green Living. Made Easy.”, they focus on solutions that make sustainable living a fun, creative and practical goal for all.

Main website:

Facebook: To follow.

Meet Anuja and Lara next at The Secondsguru BookSwap at Earthfest, Jan 20th, 2019!

Art x Tech x Empathy

Speakers: Adila Sayyed and Izzy Ngo of VERE360

20 Jan, Sunday, 1-1.30pm

Come experience a brand new way of approaching and developing empathy for social causes through the immersive technologies offered by Virtual Reality. Join VERE360’s co-founders, Adila Sayyed and Izzy Ngo, as they share about their work in reducing stigma towards mental health issues and discuss with the audience how to support peers with mental health issues to build more inclusive societies.

Presenter Bio:

Adila Sayyed and Izzy Ngo co-founded VERE360 to start creating immersive VR content to combat apathy towards social causes and develop empathy. In an increasingly connected yet apathetic world. VERE360 develops content to help people step into the shoes of those who struggle with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Main website:


The DSL Private VR Museum

Speaker: Nina Boldyreva

26 Jan, Saturday, 2 – 2:30PM

This talk will integrate the key findings from the art industry research in the context of museological trends and global market. Taking inspiration from case studies of compelling VR implementations in museums, I will open a conversation about creative possibilities and innovative solutions this technology can bring artists, museums and collectors. Such immersive cultural projects can drive a deeper audience engagement with arts, which audiences discover and learn by active interactions, yet attract new target markets, enrich the cultural proposal and educational programmes. Attendees will gain fresh perspectives and actionable insights how certain advancements of technologies can be applied more broadly to the creative economy.

Presenter Bio:

A media professional and an entrepreneur who creates an interface between arts and cutting-edge technologies. She represents in Singapore the DSL Collection, among the top 5 Chinese contemporary art collections in Europe. Nina holds a Master’s degree in Arts Management from LASALLE with an academic track record on how VR has impacted on the arts related to new business models, cross-discipline collaborative ecosystem, effective audience engagement.


ArtxTech in Society with Urich Lau

Speakers: Urich Lau

26 Jan, Saturday, 12:30 – 1pm

Join local visual artist, curator, and art educator Urich Lau as he shares about his experience and work in media art. The talk will revolve around technology and new media’s impact on the art world and art-making.

Presenter Bio:

Urich Lau is a visual artist, independent curator and art educator based in Singapore. Working in media art, he has presented works locally and internationally. He is also a lecturer at LASALLE College of the Arts, a founding member of INTER–MISSION, a member of The Artists Village and Instinctive (INSTINC Art Space).


Bringing Art to Everyday

Speaker: Ina Conradi, Creative Director of Media Art Nexu

26 Jan, Saturday, 1-1.30pm

Media Art Nexus is a platform conceived with a vision to showcase wide range of experimental new genre and media art including digital art, algorithmic and generative art, interactive art, music/sound visualization, and interdisciplinary collaborations in art and science. The talk would reflect on past and present works and collaborations.  The works dabble around art, animation, urban media art, media architecture, time-based art.

Presenter Bio:

Ina is an award-winning new media artist. Her works fit variable media spaces, creatively employing digital painting and animation. Her recent community-forming project features designing for an expanded media experiences for public space. She has presented among others at the Ars Electronica Festival, ZKM, FMX and ISEA. Ina holds a Master’s of Fine Art from UCLA.

Repairing Our World

Speaker: Farah H. Sanwari from Repair Kopitiam and Sustainable Living Lab

26 Jan, Saturday, 3-3.30pm

Farah H. Sanwari of Sustainable Living Lab and Repair Kopitiam will be giving a talk about her work with combating throwaway culture via repair and bringing people together to create a community for sustainability.

Presenter Bio:

Farah H. Sanwari is the Executive Director of Sustainable Living Lab, a social innovation lab that brings organisations and communities closer to the Sustainable Development Goals. She started Repair Kopitiam, an initiative to combat the buy-and-throw away culture via repair. As of today, over 200 volunteers have been trained to be Repair Coaches, guiding fellow Singaporeans in repairs.


Workshops happening from 19-27 Jan

Climate Conversations

23 Jan, Wed, 7 – 9pm

Climate Change is affecting all of us. Whether you’re curious, concerned, afraid or have questions, join us on 23 Jan in this 2-hour guided conversation about Climate Change and what it means for the things we care about. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to attend. Limited spots. Register now at


Create Your Own Chopsticks from Recycled Wood with Roger & Sons

26 Jan, Saturday, 4 – 8 pm

The guys from Roger&Sons invite you to come and create your very own chopsticks from recycled wood. Bring a friend, create your own handmade pair of chopsticks, and get reacquainted with the environment. 2 people can participate in each 30min session. 

Open Music Jam with LASALLE electronic music students

20 Jan, Sunday, 4.30 – 5.30 pm

Bring your own instruments and come on down to jam with our very own musicians from LASALLE! Entirely experimental, this experience will invite you to think and create freely, and meet other great musicians. Anyone is welcome to watch as well.