MeshMinds at Changing Course 2019: An exploration of our climate crisis


Last week, Changing Course 2019 was held at the Singapore ArtScience Museum and MeshMinds was honoured to have Kay Vasey, our Chief Connecting Officer as a panellist. Changing Course 2019 is an initiative put together by Eco-Business and EB Impact aimed at raising awareness on the necessary urgency we need to have in order to respond to our climate crisis, and the solutions we can each adopt to address it.

Very much aligned with goal number 13 Climate Action of the UN sustainable goals, the initiative focuses on the relationship between human actions and our Planet, highlighting our consumption and production patterns across the globe and how we can change the course of humanity for the future. Also, in support of Singapore’s Year Towards Zero Waste, it features a carbon neutral, zero waste multimedia exhibition from 4th October to 3rd November 2019, admissions are free of charge.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-07 at 10.15.48 PM.jpeg

As part of the panellists, MeshMinds’ Kay Vasey shared insights on the amount of plastics that are deposited into the ocean every year, and how these plastics, even though broken down over time are still consumed by life below the sea as microplastics, ultimately causing harm to them and disrupting the food chain. Kay also shared about the new augmented reality experience by MeshMinds and André Wee, powered by Spark AR Studio, and commissioned by Singapore ArtScience Museum with the support of the UN Environment. We invited guests to try it out for themselves and join the global movement to beat plastic pollution too.

You can try it out too! Head to: to experience yourself and share with your friends!

Olivier Bos