MeshMinds 2.0 : ArtxTechForGood

ArtScience Museum 

7-17 March 2019

This year, MeshMinds 2.0: ArtxTechforGood artists will shine the spotlight on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Singapore’s declaration of 2019 as the Year Towards Zero Waste, and burgeoning global campaigns such as #beatplasticpollution in their works. 

Utilising AR, animators Jason Loo and Cherlyn Mark, address the devastating consequences of marine pollution with interactive mobile game OceanScrub; while botanical artist Lucinda Law charts her inaugural expeditionary artist-in-residence experience on sustainability-focused island resort Batu-Batu through Experiencing Beauty.

Speaking on her mixed-media art installation, Law said, “Working with MeshMinds and exploring new technologies has expanded the scope of my research on how I can connect people to the beauty of nature and environmental biodiversity and conservation in a digital age.”

Water Bodies, a VR showcase by leading visual artist, MightyellOw offers a journey through the human stomach to educate people on microplastics that are unknowingly consumed in our daily lives.

 Join our exhibition, find out more about the impact artists, as well as local sustainability efforts and campaigns on how one can reduce waste and recycle in their daily lives.

Olivier Bos