Water Bodies by Adeline Tan aka Mightyellow: MeshMinds 2.0

Experience Water Bodies by Adeline Tan aka Mightyellow at ArtScience museum from Thursday, 7 March - Sunday, 17 March! Water Bodies is an interactive virtual reality installation that highlights the encroaching presence of microplastics in our drinking water. This experience begins inside a virtual human stomach, in which tiny marine creatures, tardigrades and copepods are swimming amongst multi-coloured microplastics, all rendered into 3D and animated by The Acid House. The experience is a 60-second VR game where you have to shoot the microplastics to learn more about the plastics that we unknowingly consume. Finish the game, and take a pledge to dispose of plastics responsibly, or join the Bring Your Own movement.

Mightyellow, Adeline Tan - Water Bodies:

Adeline Tan aka mightyellow is an illustrator and visual artist based in Singapore. Taking inspiration from personal experiences, the environment and popular culture, Adeline imagines alternate realities to current situations. She pursued a career in advertising, branding and technology before becoming a full-time illustrator, building up a clientele that includes Facebook, Sonos and Uniqlo. Adeline is currently represented by Mulan Gallery, Singapore.
WEBSITE: http://www.mightyellow.com/

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