Our Ocean Life by Warrior9 VR: MeshMinds 2.0

Every day, we are sharing a bitesize video highlighting one of our 8 Singapore artists focused on Goals 11-15 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Discover Our Oceans through Warrior9 VR's journey at ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechForGood from 7-17 March. Last January, the team's VR artwork, Oceans We Make won the Marina Bay Sands Sustainability Award for its impactful message. This year, Warrior9 VR are highlighting the urgency and plight of plastic polution through an entire immersive experience zone spanning the real and virtual worlds.

Warrior9 - Our Ocean Life:

Warrior9 VR is an immersive media company that specialises in making narrative experiences that are high quality, easily accessible and designed for wide audiences. Being based in Singapore our work is imbued with Asian influences. We create our own projects, and we also work with organisations in different industries who are open to solving problems with bold and imaginative immersive experiences.
WEBSITE: https://www.warrior9vr.com/

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Olivier Bos