PaperChase AR by Alfonsus Wong: MeshMinds 2.0

Looking for recycling bins? PaperChase AR is here to help! Try out Alfonsus Wong his AR app to go on a hunt and find recycling bins at ArtScience museum from Thursday, 7 March - Sunday, 17 March! PaperChase AR, an interactive educational augmented reality experience, aims to create awareness on the proper way of recycling and use of Singapore’s ubiquitous recycling points, whilst collecting brilliantly illustrated comic strips that come together into the story of a trash-eating monster. Download the PaperChase AR app from the App Store and use your iPhone to navigate to various recycling points around ArtScience Museum. Scan the marker at each recycling point to complete the story and learn the importance of moving towards a zero waste world.

Alfonsus Wong - Paperchase:

Alfonsus is a visual artist who is specialized in digital drawings. Alfonsus is known for his illustrations around  fantastical worlds of dragons, monsters, warriors and ninja turtles that filled his teenage years. Graduated in Visual Communication at ADM (NTU) hoping to understand better and harness the communicative potential of images.  After graduating, Alfonsus toned down his fantasy art to make room for a different subject matter. At the moment, Alfonsus is exploring how to convert his digital art into Augmented Reality and tell meaningful stories.

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