The Mount That Keeps Growing by DPLMT: MeshMinds 2.0

4 DAY COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH. Every day, we are sharing a bitesize video highlighting one of our 8 Singapore artists focused on Goals 11-15 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The all-local collective of artists from DPLMT take on the growing issue of trash for ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechForGood. The Mount That Keeps Growing is a kaleidoscopic augmented reality experience with elements made completely of trash. Come experience it from 7-17 March.

DPLMT - A Mount That Keeps On Growing -

DPLMT is a collective comprising of artists/graphic designers with the passion for mural art, street art, illustration and branding. Their works are amalgamated by their surroundings and experiences fused with our individual styles and colours yet being able to express as one voice.  

Raihana a.k.a ARAIKREVA (DPLMT): ARAIKREVA is a Singaporean artist/ designer/illustrator and a Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts graduate. Specializing in urban arts, illustrations & narrative concepts; her styles were thought to be serious but by hiding behind innocent visuals while still maintaining details.

Iqbal a.k.a EBAO (DPLMT): EBAO is a creative outlaw who is passionate for illustration and graphic design. He draws divine inspiration from the subtleties of the world to the omnipresence of the stars. He lets you see things for what they can possibly be, never for what they obviously are.

Shak a.k.a THE TERROR TROOPERS (DPLMT): THE TERROR TROOPERS are part-time visual badasses and full-time daydreamers. Spending their time expressing daily angst and questionable perspective of matters.

Shamyl a.k.a MYL (DPLMT): Coming from a family of Creatives, a carpenter/ builder dad, and interior designer sister and a wedding gown designer uncle, art has always been a big part of MYL’s life. Always longing to get his hands dirty (with paint) again. Empty walls beware! WEBSITE:                      

Kathkucing a.k.a KAT (DPLMT): Kathkucing is a mixed media generalist - workaholic. Her aesthetic is a mix between adopting the mathematics of design and her interest in intricate, organic flow.
WEBSITE: instagram/kathkucing

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