A Better Tomorrow by André Wee: MeshMinds 2.0

3 DAY COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH. Every day, we are sharing a bitesize video highlighting one of our 8 Singapore artists focused on Goals 11-15 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. André Wee is back! This time with a series of augmented reality artworks that celebrate the sustainable future of Singapore and the positive change we can make to our environment as an individual and as a society. Come ready with your smartphones for ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechForGood from 7-17 March.

André Wee - A Better Tomorrow:
André Wee is a 3D world builder, illustrator and visual artist who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, RISD (USA). His works are primarily a reaction to the displacement, alienation and in-betweenness experienced between the constantly changing landscapes that he has lived and moved around in. He finds inspiration, obsession and calm in creating spaces both real and imagined, physical or digital, logical and impossible.
WEBSITE: http://andre-wee.com/about/

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Olivier Bos