OceanScrub by Jason Loo and Cherlyn Mark: MeshMinds 2.0

2 DAY COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH. Every day, we are sharing a bitesize video highlighting one of our 8 Singapore artists focused on Goals 11-15 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Experience the OceanScrub mobile game first at ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechForGood from 7-17 March. Designed by Jason Loo and Cherlyn Mark in collaboration with MeshMinds, the gameplay cultivates the habit of reducing waste.

JasonLoo & Cherlyn Mark - OceanScrub:

Jason is a freelance concept artist who also incorporates technology with his art, in hopes to inspire and communicate through new and interesting ways. Inquisitive by nature, Jason is always seen experimenting with different technologies from mechanical engineering to electronics. Currently he is exploring coding and gamification of concepts to try and blend digital media with the physical world.
ARTIST INSTAGRAM: @jasonloodesign
WEBSITE: www.jasonloodesign.com

Cherlyn is the founder of home based art studio art@homesg and artist based in sunny Singapore. As a self-taught artist, she spent her childhood and teen years exploring and working with various mediums.  Watercolour is her favourite medium of expression, being deeply attracted to the unique way pigments interact and “dance” with water. A huge colour geek drawing inspiration from the galaxy and the ocean, Cherlyn creates original watercolour artworks and prints that bring about a sense of magic, topped with a sprinkle of fairy dust.
ARTIST INSTAGRAM: @cherlynmark

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