Hold My Gaze by Andrew Loh and MeshMinds at the Global Landscapes Forum 2019

“The people most often found at the forefront of radical change are artists, activists, change agents, youth, local communities, women, indigenous peoples and influencers.”

It has been 22 years since the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the first legally binding treaty to cut greenhouse gases. MeshMinds was invited by UN-REDD and UN Environment to present Hold My Gaze by Andrew Loh at the Global Landscapes Forum 2019, in Kyoto. Together, we want to bring home the message that forests are one of the most cost-effective solutions to combat climate change.

“Wow! This is awesome”

“That is so clever!”

“I love it!”

“That’s so powerful.”

Those were just some of the immediate responses from delegates at the Forum, as they peered into the iPad or used their own smartphone and saw a beautiful rainforest appear on their faces, before experiencing the harrowing reality of a virtual forest fire and then pledging for a life that is #BetterWithForests.

Using augmented reality to make Andrew Loh’s beautiful rainforest leaves appear on people’s faces leads to far greater engagement on the tough topic of the plight of our trees. People are able to share immediately the important messages on the regulation of deforestation, simply by snapping a photo or video and posting it to social media. Let’s all get behind the #BetterWithForests movement: try it for yourself now.

Andrew Loh - Hold My Gaze:

Andrew Loh designs create engaging art/design installations and carefully crafted objects. Andrew Loh is an artist and industrial designer. He leads Andrew Loh designs, a Singapore based studio that creates experiential installations and design objects. He works with his collaborators to experiment, design and craft meaningful, engaging experiences and objects for a range of diverse and select clients. Andrew's design sensibilities have been finely honed from over a decade and a half of working with some of the world’s best design teams creating a wide variety of designs ranging from furniture, sports equipment, mobile communication devices and audio-visual consumer electronics for market leading brand names.
WEBSITE: http://www.andrewlohdesigns.com/about/

Olivier Bos