Celebrate World Rainforest Day with MeshMinds!


Rainforests are the lungs of our planet: they help to stabilize the climate, house half of the world’s biodiversity of living creatures, and absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. Yet, every minute, we lose about forty football fields of rainforests, thus threatening our biodiversity and imperiling our planet’s health. Deforestation alone produces one-fifth of global carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change, more than that of all cars and trucks on Earth. Reversing deforestation could, however, cut global emissions by a third.

World Rainforest Day aims to tackle this issue by raising awareness and encouraging action to protect rainforests around the world. With 47 partners from 9 countries, World Rainforest Day aims to engage a worldwide audience by expanding collaborations to more partners for 2019. Ultimately, the day hopes to enhance awareness surrounding the state of our rainforests and encourage individuals to take actions to protect our rainforests.

To emphasize on the importance of conserving our forests, MeshMinds features Hold My Gaze by Andrew Loh. Recently showcased at the Global Landscapes Forum 2019 at Kyoto, Hold My Gaze is an interactive AR experience that draws attention to the consequences of forest fires that have caused hazy spells blanketing Southeast Asia in recent years. To find out more about Hold My Gaze, click here.

To find out ways you can help contribute to the livelihood of rainforests, check out https://worldrainforestday.com/act-now/.

Olivier Bos