MeshMinds at Singapore Art Museum Education Symposium


Our Chief Inspiration Officer, Olivier Bos, was invited by Singapore Art Museum to participate in the 2019 Singapore Art Museum Education Symposium and joined a panel that included speakers from institutions ranging from Grand Palais to ArtScience Museum to Bus Uncle Company.

The theme for this year’s symposium was ‘Dear Future, Museum Learning in the Digital Age’ and we had the opportunity to not only listen to ideas from industry professionals but from students ranging from primary to polytechnic level too. During the symposium, Olivier introduced MeshMinds and participated in a panel discussion on whether museums should embrace technology or not. The panelists spoke about unique ideas on how technology could and has been integrated to improve museum learning and help turn museums into a welcoming space for the younger generation.

We would like to thank the panel speakers, mentioned below, for all their valuable insights:

- Vincent Poussou- Director of Audiences and Digital of Grand Palais

- Nina Ernst - Associate Director, Programmes of ArtScience Museum

- Jervais Choo - Deputy Director, Organisational Design and Innovation of National Museum of Singapore (NMS)

- Abhilash Murthy - Founder of Bus Uncle Company

- Suenne Megan Tan - Director, Audience Development & Engagement of National Gallery Singapore (NGS)

Olivier Bos