Arts Elective Program Exhibition 2019


Yesterday, MeshMinds attended the Arts Elective Programme Exhibition (AEPE) 2019, which was held at the Chinese Cultural Centre (25 July to 30 July 2019). The AEPE is a biennial event that celebrates AEP students’ learning and achievements throughout their AEP journey. AEPE 2019, Where We Water - Grass Grows Greener examines the various ways students learn through individual and collective art-making and appreciating. These artworks reflect the students’ conceptual maturity and accomplished use of aesthetics and technical processes, with some students even incorporating AR effects using Artivive learnt from our previous AEP workshops. Some of the students did a great job integrating Artivive into their works.

Using Artivive, Nitya Niedu used the platform to integrate stop-motion techniques into traditional art mediums to make her artwork, The Guilt of Human Invasion, come to life. The art piece highlights the importance of environmental protection and safeguarding animal rights, consisting of a circular layout to illustrate the circle of life.

Another art piece, Overarching Title: Secret Places, Sacred Phases by Poh Jediael, Luqman Ros Bin Mohd Nassir, Chang Zee Hang saw drawings of spaces which contained personal meaning and connections with the artists. Once again, Artivive was used to enhance the art pieces. The first piece, Reflections by Poh Jediael, sees a realistic version of the seascape which transports viewers into the actual scene and creates the sensation of floating above the water.

MeshMinds was impressed to have seen the Artivive AR effects being incorporated into the exhibition by these students after only 2 workshops. Well done to all the students!

Make sure to swing by the exhibition before it ends! The gallery can be found at:

Level 2 Gallery, Chinese Cultural Centre

1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906

Download Artivive here!

Olivier Bos