MeshMinds at Singapore Night Festival 2019

MeshMinds is super excited to present SOLIS, an immersive futuristic dome installation that recreates the energy present within the core of the Sun. Collaborating with Mischief Makers, SOLIS is projected at SMU Campus Green as part of Singapore Night Festival 2019!

Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of nuclear fusion and learn about our role in sustaining the environment. Visitors will experience the enthralling and immersive SOLIS and get the chance to engage with the ongoing dialogue about renewable energy.

From 23 - 31 August 2019, come together at SMU Campus Green from 7:30pm till midnight and activate the power of the sun, generating a bolder, brighter future where clean, renewable and limitless energy is accessible to all!

For more information, visit Singapore Night Festival 2019 here.

Olivier Bos