MeshMinds at Lenovo Singapore Flagship Store Opening

In collaboration with Lenovo Singapore, MeshMinds is proud to host a 3-part series of Digital Art demonstrations and workshops to celebrate the opening of Lenovo’s flagship store in Funan Singapore. The series will feature MeshMinds’ selected artists André Wee, Alfonsus Wong and Jason Loo teaching and showcasing ZBrush, Photoshop and Fusion360 on the Lenovo P51 Workstation.

Join us for the first part in this series with André Wee in the beginner-friendly demonstration. Participants will be able to witness and learn various techniques as André demonstrates how he uses ZBrush to create 3D using the powerful Lenovo P51 Workstation.

The topics (include but are not limited to):
• ZBrush
• 3D Sculpting
• Character creation

André will also provide guidance to answer some of Digital Art Beginner’s most burning questions such as:
• How and where do I start?
• What methods do you use to gain inspiration?
• What tools & ways are there to enhance my digital art experience?

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André Wee (b.1989) is an experimental illustrator that jumps between both the virtual and physical world when he creates his craft. The works that he creates blend Technology with Art as André discovers newer ways of engaging with his viewers through creative storytelling and imagery. Aside from putting pencil to paper and pushing digital paint across a virtual canvas, André hides animated layers within the physical world through Augmented reality and embeds narratives within his illustrations.

Olivier Bos