Global Landscapes Forum 2019

MeshMinds was invited by UN-REDD and UN Environment to present Hold My Gaze by Andrew Loh at the Global Landscapes Forum 2019, in Kyoto. Our aim was to send the message that forests are one of the most cost-effective solutions to combat climate change.

Hold My Gaze by Andrew Loh is an interactive AR experience that draws attention to the consequences of forest fires that have caused hazy spells blanketing Southeast Asia in recent years. Users are invited to stand in front of the iPad and hold their gaze. With face mapping technology, users will see themselves masked with a beautiful rainforest. Once they close their eyes, users will witness their face transition from a beautiful rainforest to a devastating forest fire. This experience is an allegory on the potential disasters that will befall our forests - and us - if we look away from the importance of preserving and protecting what greenery we have left. 

Using augmented reality to make Andrew Loh’s beautiful rainforest leaves appear on people’s faces leads to far greater engagement on the tough topic of the plight of our trees. People are able to share immediately the important messages on the regulation of deforestation, simply by snapping a photo or video and posting it to social media. Let’s all get behind the #BetterWithForests movement: try it for yourself now.

Olivier Bos