ATYPICAL Singapore


As part of the global campaign, Passion Made Possible, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Chan + Hori Contemporary collaborated to launch the international showcase Atypical Singapore. Atypical Singapore provided a glimpse into Singapore’s arts ecosystem for audiences abroad.

MeshMinds was the interactive technology partner for the launch of Culture Shapers in the Passion Made Possible campaign. MeshMinds helped develop Augmented Reality (AR) technology in Spark AR Studio for selected artworks and AR namecards, breathing new perspectives on these otherwise static mediums. This provided an immersive, interactive experience for participants of all ages.

Among the diverse range of artworks, one highlight was the AR portal which visitors could step into to see a view of Singapore’s Marina Bay, populated by monochromatic characters.

Visited locations include:

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Design Factory Flacon, 15th September to 16th September 2018

YANGON, MYANMAR - Bogalay Zay Street, 30th November to 2nd December 2018

NEW DELHI, INDIA - KONA, Jor Bagh, 15th to 17th February 2019

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC),   12th to 17th March 2019

(Images courtesy of Chan + Hori Contemporary)