Hold My Gaze / Andrew Loh

Hold My Gaze by Andrew Loh is an interactive AR experience that draws attention to the consequences of forest fires that have caused hazy spells blanketing Southeast Asia in recent years. You are invited to stand in front of the iPad and hold your gaze. With face mapping technology, you will see yourself masked with a beautiful rainforest. Once you close your eyes, watch your face transition from a beautiful rainforest to a devastating forest fire. This experience is an allegory on the potential disasters that will befall our forests - and us - if we look away from the importance of preserving and protecting what greenery we have left. The experience was co-created by Andrew Loh and MeshMinds using iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Spark AR Studio. Share your picture with the #BetterWithForests #MeshMinds to be featured on the social wall and show your support for our forests.

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 15: Life On Land

Hardware and Software:

2x iPad Pro

App development in Xcode, ARKit

Call to Action:

Pledge to Reduce Ecological Footprint

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