Our Ocean Life / Warrior9 VR

Our Ocean Life is an augmented reality experience that invites you to step through a portal and uncover a story about the consequences of plastic pollution on marine life. Inspired by real events, this interactive experience aims to leave you with a sense of wonder about life beneath the waves, and emphasises why our actions on land matter more than we realise. The experience is approximately five minutes. You can also download the Our Ocean Life app (for iPad) on the App Store to use at home.

Warrior9 - Our Ocean Life:

Warrior9 VR is an immersive media company that specialises in making narrative experiences that are high quality, easily accessible and designed for wide audiences. Being based in Singapore our work is imbued with Asian influences. We create our own projects, and we also work with organisations in different industries who are open to solving problems with bold and imaginative immersive experiences.
WEBSITE: https://www.warrior9vr.com/

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 13: Climate Action

Goal 14: Life Below Water

Hardware and Software:

iPad Pro

Unreal Engine, ARKit

Call to Action:

Pledge #beatplasticpollution

System Sovereign