PaperChase AR / Alfonsus Wong & Alan Ng

Paperchase is an interactive educational AR experience that invites you to find and use Singapore’s recycling points whilst collecting characters to piece together the story of a trash-eating monster. Use the iPad Pro to navigate to various recycling points at The ArtScience Museum. At each point, you will find a piece of trash-eating monster’s story and the importance of moving towards a zero waste world. Once all comic frames are collected, the player stands to win a sustainable prize! The experience was created in Procreate and is showcased using the iPad Pro or your own smartphone.

Alfonsus Wong - Paperchase:

Alfonsus is a visual artist who is specialized in digital drawings. Alfonsus is known for his illustrations around  fantastical worlds of dragons, monsters, warriors and ninja turtles that filled his teenage years. Graduated in Visual Communication at ADM (NTU) hoping to understand better and harness the communicative potential of images.  After graduating, Alfonsus toned down his fantasy art to make room for a different subject matter. At the moment, Alfonsus is exploring how to convert his digital art into Augmented Reality and tell meaningful stories.

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Hardware and Software:

iPad Pro


Swift, ARKit, Unity

Call to Action:

Pledge towards Recycle/Treat Food Waste

Possibility of incentive receiving reusable water bottles

System Sovereign