PaperChase AR / Alfonsus Wong

Paperchase is an interactive educational AR experience that invites you to find and use Singapore’s recycling points whilst collecting characters to piece together the story of a trash-eating monster. Use the iPad Pro to navigate to various recycling points at The ArtScience Museum. At each point, you will find a piece of trash-eating monster’s story and the importance of moving towards a zero waste world. Once all comic frames are collected, the player stands to win a sustainable prize! The experience was created in Procreate and is showcased using the iPad Pro or your own smartphone.

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Hardware and Software:

iPad Pro


Swyft, ARKit

Call to Action:

Pledge towards Recycle/Treat Food Waste

Possibility of incentive receiving reusable water bottles

System Sovereign