The Mount That Keeps on Growing / DPLMT

The Mount That Keeps on Growing is an AR interaction and installation experience that uncovers the actual reality of the waste situation; the mount that keeps on growing on a monstrous scale. Using kaleidoscopic effects, you will see the artwork converge and diverge in motion. On closer inspection, you will see that the beautiful art is made up entirely of waste materials. The experience was created using iPad Pro and can be experienced with your own smartphone by scanning the QR code next to the images to be redirected to the Facebook application (if not installed, the browser will ask you to install the app). The AR camera will open and you are asked to point it to the images to see the kaleidoscope effect. You have the option to take a selfie with an AR backdrop of the kaleidoscope effect and share it on social media with the


Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Hardware and Software:

iPad Pro


MacBook Pro, Spark AR Studio

Call to Action:

Pledge #beatplasticpollution

System Sovereign