The MeshMinds Foundation and LASALLE College of the Arts presents: Art x Tech For Good

Art x Tech for Good, Singapore’s first student-led immersive art exhibition, is a collaboration between MeshMinds and LASALLE college. The exhibition was held over 19 to 27 January 2019 and focused on the sustainable development of people and our planet, with each art project focused on one or more of the SDGs. Student works featured creative mashups with VR painting, 360 films, 3D printing and Internet of Things.

This event was part of the Singapore Art Week 2019 and saw more than 1200 guests showing up to the exhibition. Alongside art exhibitions, there were educational talks and workshops that centered around the UN SDGs. Some highlights included:

  • Roger&Sons hosting a workshop on how to make your own DIY chopsticks from recycled wood

  • DSL Private VR Museum’s talk about the power of VR museums

  • A talk, hosted by Media Art Nexus, which showcased touched on topics of art, animation, urban media art, media architecture, time-based art.

The entire event hoped to showcase how artists can utilize new methods of integrating digital technology into hybrid art practices, alongside more traditional media.

Olivier Bos