VR Animation and Sculpting for Beginners by Andre Wee


你有没有想过“如何才能成为VR艺术家?” 来参加为期两天的免费互动工作坊,内容涵盖由Oculus提供的VR创作工具-Quill和Medium的介绍,以及使用Procreate在iPad Pro上制作故事板。由新加坡领杰出VR艺术家André Wee呈现。点击报名。

Ever wondered how to become a VR artist? Join two days of free interactive sessions covering introductions to VR creation tools, Quill and Medium, powered by Oculus and storyboarding on iPad Pro using Procreate. Sessions led by Singapore's leading VR artist, André Wee. Register here.

Olivier Bos