AR Communcation Tool

MeshMinds is able to provide AR Communication Tools which will transform the way audiences understand key products. The AR Communication Tool is based on interactive AR effects which relay key information to users in an engaging and immersive way.

Key Benefits of AR Communication Tool:

  • Transform static content into interactive content

  • Showcase the unique aspects of your brand in a non-traditional way

  • Captivate visitors through the element of interactivity

  • Sustainable means of conveying large amounts of information to visitors in a more vibrant way

Case Study:
Lalapatos Collection - Meshminds was commissioned by British Council to create an interactive communication tool that showcased information about the shoes. Visitors were treated to an array of interactive text, pictures, and even videos of the shoes’ construction process—all within the click of a button.

For clients:

Want to use this product? Feel free to contact us, alongside information regarding the key requirements below:

  • 3 to 5 key messages about the subject of the AR experience (i.e. the key product, service or exhibition to be featured)

  • Visual assets - up to 10 key images and 5 videos

  • Brand guidelines - logos, colours etc.

  • The key takeaway of your experience - for instance, it can be to raise awareness or be a call to action for some cause or movement.

Olivier Bos