AR Navigation Tool

MeshMinds is able to create an AR Navigation Tool that reinvigorates the visitor’s traveling, exploring and navigating experiences for exhibitions and events.

Key Benefits of AR Navigation Tool:

  • Enhanced visualisations of site exhibitions, routes, and/or map content through AR rendering/effects

  • AR effects are highly adaptable to different environments

  • Ideal for guided tours with an interactive AR map

  • Get deeper insight of your visitors and what they share the most

Case Study:
UNESCO - The Community Thread AR Experience. Visitors could revisit the past and were treated to street art that came to life via interactive AR effects that could be assessed through their very own phones. AR effects were employed at specific sites where street art murals could be found, making the visitor’s experience of navigating through the presented routes more lively and engaging.

To find out more about the UNESCO event, click here!

For clients:

Want to use this product? Feel free to contact us, alongside information regarding the key requirements below:

  • Information about the nature of the event, e.g. exhibition, product launch, etc.

  • Visual assets of the artwork/product/subject to be showcased

  • Brand guidelines - logos, colours etc.

  • The key takeaway of your experience - for instance, it can be to raise awareness or be a call to action for some cause or movement.

Olivier Bos