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Water Bodies

By Mightyellow

“The water we taint becomes the water we drink”

Water Bodies is an interactive VR installation that begins inside a virtual human stomach. You will see colourful plastic pieces, tardigrades juggling some plastic beads and copepods. Interacting with the scene will show you where each piece of microplastic comes from. Can you find out the origin of the microplastics in our tap water? The experience was created using iPad Pro and iMac Pro, built in Unity. The experience is based on a 60-second game where you have to shoot the microplastics to learn more about the plastics that we unknowingly consume. Upon completing the game, you can pledge to dispose responsibly or join the Bring Your Own movement.

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:
Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Hardware and Software:
iPad Pro / Procreate / HTC Vive

Call to Action:
Pledge towards Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


A Better Tomorrow

by André Wee


A Better Tomorrow is an engaging AR experience that celebrates SG75, the Sustainable Future of Singapore and the positive change that we can make to our environment as an individual and a society. Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR codes and look at the six digital drawings of buildings in Singapore to see them come to life. Learn about the switch to clean energy, the recycling of plastics and electronic components and the rise of electric vehicles. The animations are also accompanied by music made in GarageBand The experience was created using Procreate and the iMac Pro and is showcased on either an iPad Pro provided or your own smartphone.

Focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals:
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Hardware and Software:
iMac Pro / 3D render / iPad Pro / Procreate / GarageBand / Spark AR Studio

Call to Action:
Pledge towards a Clean and Green Singapore


Oceans We Make is an award-winning 3-minute interactive VR experience that takes adventurers on an extraordinary journey beneath the surface of a pristine ocean. They experience underwater life and artefacts in a stunning, immersive environment. Before long, the journey turns into a mini-game where viewers need to take action against a threat that’s not just virtual, but happening in the real world too. Created by Warrior9 VR.