About MeshMinds Studio

MeshMinds is a leading creative technology studio and provider of impactful, immersive and engaging experiences. We are partnered with UN Environment to mobilise creative technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our speciality lies in blending the arts with Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D printing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. We have created original experiences for organisations such as UNESCO and Singapore Tourism Board. Experiences created by the artists we represent have been shown at high level forums led by the UN in Singapore, Bangkok and Kyoto. Our content creation, distribution and consultancy services help to fund the artist incubation and research activities of The MeshMinds Foundation.


Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality - The Future Of Live Events

Immersive technologies have a unique ability to redefine storytelling and drive a deeper connection with audiences creating powerful and memorable experiences.

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VR/AR Content Distribution

MeshMinds holds the exclusive distribution rights to the artwork and interactive experiences listed below. If you would like to have any of the artwork and interactive experiences at your live event or venue, please contact us.